Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Arts, Media, & Entertainment is designed to develop skills in criticism and evaluation of art forms, an understanding of the processes by which art and creativity are communicated, and an academic knowledge of promotion and marketing in the performing arts. Selected courses should focus on the ability to analyze the effects of the social, network, technical, and entertainment arts and media, and to develop the academic preparation necessary to pursue careers in arts, media, entertainment, and associated fields.

Emphasis theme requirements stipulate students take courses in at least two different art forms or media in order to gain exposure to the impacts of arts and media in contemporary culture.

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the roles that arts, entertainment, amusement, recreation, and media have played in contemporary and historical societies.
  • Identify the contributions of different artists and art forms to the human condition.
  • Exhibit an awareness of how art, media, and entertainment shape and are shaped by cultural priorities and norms, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Develop and identify their own strengths, interests, opportunities, and potential contributions in and to the arts and related fields.

Examples of courses taken by students with an Arts, Media, and Entertainment Emphasis include, but are not limited to:

  • AFAS 218: Introduction to Hip-Hop Dance
  • FTV 270: Introduction to Film and Television Studies
  • FTV 313: Experimental Production Practices
  • FTV 375: Television and US Culture
  • MUS 107: Understanding Music Through Listening
  • MUS 109: American Popular Music and Society
  • ART 497A: Gallery Management