Science, Technology, Health, and Society

Science, Technology, Health and Society develops critical awareness of the methods and limits of scientific inquiry, while fostering observational and analytical skills and skills in quantitative analysis and deductive reasoning. Selected courses should focus, either through a multidisciplinary approach or a more in-depth study, academic preparation in both the technical and non-technical skills required for professional success, including the importance of both logic and creative problem-solving.

Emphasis theme requirements stipulate students take courses from at least two different disciplines in order to examine and evaluate the world around them from a scientific perspective.

  • Exhibit the development of specific skills related to the science, technology, health and society disciplines, particularly the use of math and science to solve problems in concentrations such as health, natural resource use and conservation, sustainability, information science, and engineering.
  • Exhibit an awareness of the contributions these fields have made to modern living.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the roles of teamwork and interpersonal communication in scientific advancement and discovery.